Dragon Nest SEA Closed and Open Beta Dates Announced

Shanda Games International (SDGi) is proud to unveil the Closed Beta and Open Beta dates for Dragon Nest SEA, the World No.1 MMO Action RPG, during the Official Signing Ceremony with Eyedentity Games (Developer) at the Resort World Sentosa, Hard Rock Hotel, Singapore. 

Over 100,000 players have signed up for Dragon Nest SEA Closed Beta and a selected 20,000 players can look forward to experiencing the thrills of the game on 13 July 2011 during the launch of Dragon Nest SEA Closed Beta. This is an exclusive access for selected players with activated CBT Keys. The Closed Beta period will end on 19 July 2011, 6 days after the launch. Those without CBT Keys may look forward to the Dragon Nest SEA Open Beta launch in the month of August where it will be opened to all.   

Eyedentity Games Inc. has officially announced Dragon Nest to be the World No. 1 MO Action RPG (Multiplayer Online Action Role-Playing Game). The total concurrent users (CCU) from Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China stands at 800,000 with 60 million registered users. Over in the West, Nexon is the game publisher for U.S and Canada where they had just finished their Closed Beta launch with remarkable success. 

Backed by the proprietary ‘Eternity Engine’ developed by Eyedentity Games to ensure exceptional performance even on lower-end computers, Dragon Nest SEA pushes new boundaries in the gaming sphere whether in terms of gameplay, graphics or technology. 

Apart from traditional MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), Dragon Nest SEA offers a new gameplay system termed as MO (Multiplayer Online) action. This allows players to engage in solo PVE (Player vs Environment) play in instanced dungeons without potential latency issues and disruptions caused by having a large number of players in the same area. By spreading out the number of players in the same area at any one time, more robust and intensive graphics can be delivered to one and all. This system also brings player interaction to a whole new level, delivering an unparalleled RPG experience like no other.

Offering his congratulations, Mr. Thomas Lim, Director of the Interactive Media, Games and Publishing, Media Development Authority (MDA) says, "We welcome Shanda Game International initiative to premiere its blockbuster game Dragon Nest SEA in Singapore. Singapore robust protection for intellectual property and vibrant games sector makes the country an ideal location for game publishers to launch their game titles for the regional market.  Various government agencies have been working closely to build a conducive ecosystem for the games sector.  With the localising of Dragon Nest SEA in Singapore, MDA will be supporting Shanda Games International in the further localisation of this title, and other games that Shanda Games International has in the pipeline.”

“Shanda Games International is thankful to receive strong support from the Singapore Government, including EDB, IDA and MDA, since the company set up its head office here in Singapore,” says Mr. Addison Kang, Vice-President of Shanda Games International. “Coupled with the government support for local game publishers to develop strategic and operating capabilities, localization and distribution,  Singapore has been positioned as a valuable partner to international game companies looking to reach out to players from South East Asia.”

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