Dragon Oath Celebrates Launch of Expansion with $77.70 Freebies!

Dragon Oath Celebrates Launch of Expansion with $77.70 Freebies!

Kung Fu Cowboy Pack Introduction
On top of all the exciting new content of Dragon Oath major expansion of 2010 Age of Destiny, users will have access to the “Kung Fu Cowboy Pack”, a special prize package of in-games items valuing over $77.70 and varying for different levels to optimize your game play!!!

Obtain this great bonus now! There has never been a better time to be in the world of Dragon Oath!


How to Use It
Note: Kung Fu Cowboy Pack keys are only valid for new players and players under Level 30.
Upon receiving the Kung Fu Cowboy Pack, you must take it to the Wealth Herald, Guileless Du, in Da Li. He will need to activate the card before you can claim any of the rewards. Upon activation, the card will be removed from your inventory, and you’ll be able to start claiming your rewards.


Items Included
Level 10: 10 Pure Ivory
Value: $9
These can be used in the place of regular gold to purchase supplies, upgrade your character skills, pay fees for events and skills, or other personal expenses. These are bound and cannot be traded to other players directly.

Level 20: Two Emerald Bed Keynotes
Value: $4
The Emerald Bed Keynotes can be used when training in Ice Space. Activation of one of these while in Ice Space will double the experience you would normally earn when using the Relic of Tumulus alone.

Level 30: One Vajra Stone
Value: $8
This stone can be used to reappraise any previously appraised item, thus upgrading its attributes and value. Each stone can be used up to 11 times. Very Handy!

Level 40: Five Lv 1 Divine Fragments
Value: $9
These Divine Fragments can be used to repair the flawed pendants required to create a rare artifact.

Level 50: Inamorato Outfit
Value: $3
This rare outfit can be used for 7 days.

Level 60: Light Dust Capsule
Value: $8
This item can be used to create a teleport location anywhere in the world and return to it at any time. It can be used up to 10 times, each time creating a unique location or reusing the existing location.

Level 70: Emerald Dragon Mount
Value: 15
This mount can be used for 14 days.

Level 80: Three Lv 5 Divine Fragments
Value: $9
These are high level fragments used for creating a high level artifact. Very valuable.

Level 90: Three Level 3 Rubies

Value: $13
These rubies can be used for socketing higher level items, providing a significant boost in Stamina, and thus improving one defense.

About Dragon Oath: Age of Destiny

Dragon Oath, the Free-to-Play Martial Arts Fantasy MMORPG, launches a major expansion titled Age of Destiny February 2. With it, players will experience exciting new areas that lead you across frozen tundra, mysterious new pets, and even into the underworld itself. The expansion opens up a whole new world of possibilities for players — It expands on the already successful 24 hour event systems with even more detailed content that will leave players feeling riveted and completely engrossed into this ancient Chinese world. Do you have what it takes to be the master of your own path? Now is your chance to prove it. Now…is the Age of Destiny.

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