Dragon Oath Double Experience Weekend

Dragon Oath Player Appreciation Event:

Double Experience This Weekend 1/30- 1/31

The ChangYou team just announced that they are giving double experience points for an entire weekend to reward all

Dragon Oath players. This is their biggest Exp. bonus offer ever!

The event is to celebrate the game exploding number of fans on Facebook, MySpace and

Twitter and other SNS and also to embrace the upcoming expansion Age of Destiny.

For every quest players complete and every enemy they defeat, they will get twice

as many XP as they do normally. With the expansion Age of Destiny coming out, now is the perfect time to level up in preparation for all of the exclusive quests and events

that will be available only to those players who are skilled enough to take the challenge.

Take advantage of the opportunity and have a blast while playing

href=”http://mmohub.org/game/dragon-oath” target=”_blank”>Dragon Oath this weekend!

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