Dragon’s Call Valentine’s Day Event Preview

Dragon’s Call Valentine’s Day Event Preview

February is the Month of Love. Dragon’s Call announced that they will invite all Stillanders to celebrate the joyful and sweet Valentine’s Day! In Dragon’s Call, you will find everywhere is full of love and roses! Let’s check the details of Dragon’s Call Valentine’s Day Event below:
Event time: Feb. 9, 2010 EST ~Feb. 25, 2010 EST

A. Item Mall Event
Event Content: During the event period, Leveling Packages will be sold at a discount.

Gift Package Name and Unit Price:

Leveling Package (newbie/limited offer)  69 Dragon Gold (One player one purchase)
Leveling Package (medium)         119 Dragon Gold (No limit on purchase times)  
Leveling Package (senior)          229 Dragon Gold (No limit on purchase times)  
Leveling Package (ultimate)         449 Dragon Gold (No limit on purchase times)  

B. In-game Event

1.   Rose Blessing on Valentine’s Day
Item: Rose
Item Description: It can be used to complete the world quest.
Other: It cannot be traded and cannot be obtained through auto-fighting.
Event Content: The world quest In the Name of Love will be released in wishing that all shall be well and Jack shall have Jill!
1)   Roses will be dropped all over the world and all players can directly submit the obtained roses to complete the world quest. When 39999 roses are collected, the quest will be completed, and then all players can click to complete the quest and obtain 214000 Exp. In the meantime, the quest item won¡¯t be dropped any more.
2)   The top 50 players who have contributed the most to completing the world quest will receive extra rewards.

Extra Rewards:
The 1st place: Magic Debris *1000
The 2nd-10th place: Magic Debris *600
The 11th-20th place: Magic Debris *200
The 21st-50th place: Magic Debris *80

Furthermore, the Rose Package can be purchased at the cost of Dragon Gold in the Item Mall during the event time.

There is no restriction on the purchase times of the Rose Package.

A Rose Package contains:
4 Prismatic Dragonshards
2 Brilliant Dragonshards
1 Soul Stone
2 Roses (Can be submitted to complete the world quest)

Unit Price: 45 Dragon Gold

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