Dreadnought PS4 Begins Open Beta

The universe of Dreadnought is now wide open to all PlayStation 4 players as of today. Dreadnought PS4 open beta has arrived, making the internet space brawler free to play for everyone and bringing along a brand new ship in the process.

dreadnought open beta

The new craft is the Hactar Hero Ship, a Tier IV light tactical cruiser that sports heavy beam turrets, tesla turrets, surge drones, and a flechette half-battery among its armament. The Hactar is completely free and exclusive to the PS4 console.

In addition to a shiny new ship, PS4 open beta is bringing two game maps that are new to the console edition and night variations of six existing maps. Open beta will also feature Team Deathmatch, Team Elimination, Training, and the console-exclusive co-op Havoc Mode.

Players interested in jumping in the captain’s chair can download Dreadnought, the Hactar ship, and some unique PS4 themes for free today in the PlayStation Store. A cinematic trailer heralding the game’s open beta can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Seeing as we had a great time the last time we took command of a big ol’ spaceship, we’re certainly pleased to see Dreadnought make its way into what, essentially, sounds like a sort of soft launch. We hope PS4 players have a great time blowing each other’s dreadnoughts to smithereens.

Source: press release

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