Dual Universe Dev Diary Outlines Character Customization and Progression

The newest Dual Universe Dev Diary posted on the game’s Kickstarter page is all about how your character will look and grow in the game, with details about character progression and customization options.


Character progress is measured in three different ways: character skills, player skills and equipment. Equipment will be separated in to Outfit, Nanoformer and Tool upgrades. Outfit upgrades involve things like jetpacks and armor, Nanoformer upgrades involve passive skills like mining ability and energy regen, and Tools invovle the expected hand-held items like weapons and other devices. Outfit and Nanoformer upgrades will run complimentary to each other, and there will be a level of tradeoff to prevent a character from maxing out all stats.

Character skills will be the means by which players can specialize themselves in-game, with a skill tree similar to EVE Online that lets you train abilities. Just like in EVE Online, skill training happens in real-time regardless of whether you’re logged in or not, and greater specializations will require more time. The current plan is for reach skill to carry a maximum of five levels, though that number may change.

The final piece of the puzzle, player skill, is governed primarily by a player’s willingness to learn systems and information while playing. An example of a miner knowing how to use a scanner for basic elements versus a miner learning which type of planet can hold rarer materials was offered, with the team quoting Bushnell’s Law of “easy to learn, hard to master”.

In the case of all three systems, the team stated that any number of what’s being discussed is subject to change or be removed completely as the game’s development moves forward.

As of this writing, Dual Universe is just about $10k shy of its crowdfunding total with four days to go in its campaign. A video showcasing the game’s alpha build character cuztomization can be seen below, and more details on how character advancement works in Dual Universe can be read here.

Our Thoughts

We’ve seen a lot about the engine and the universe of the game, so seeing more gameplay-related information about the sandbox is definitely welcome. The skill advancement system sounds like a solid combination of systems from EVE Online and Star Wars Galaxies, which should compliment each other. Here’s hoping that the team firms up their plans more completely soon!

Your Thoughts

Are you interested in the character progression systems being proposed by Dual Universe, or were you hoping for some other implementation? Tell us what you think in our comments.

Source: Kickstarter

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