Dual Universe Kickstarter Campaign Celebrates Milestone

A new funding milestone for the Dual Universe Kickstarter has been announced by the devs of the voxel-based sandbox as the campaign now sits at just a bit over 50% funding with 19 days to go as of this story’s writing.


The announcement heralds a total of €337k or just over $380k US of the total €500k asked to develop the game. As a way to entice more backers for the project, the devs have released another video hosted by Novaquark president J.C. Baillie discussing how the game’s voxel technology works.

“Our vision for Dual Universe is to give a maximum amount of freedom for players to create anything they want in the game,” said Baillie in the announcement. “The new video truly takes viewers on a journey into the world we are building with the game and provides a must-see snapshot of the making behind the universe they will soon be able to explore.”

If you’d like to take a look at this snapshot, you can check out the new video below.

Our Thoughts

This new peek under the hood of Dual Universe gives us just a fascinating glimpse at the moving gears but doesn’t really provide any incredibly new details. That said, we’re eager to see how this game will progress and we congratulate the team at Novaquark for the funding milestone. Here’s hoping the game’s campaign is a success!

Your Thoughts

What do you think of the voxel demonstration in the video? Are you a current back of Dual Universe? What are you most interested in doing once access is open? Tell us what you think below.

Source: Press release

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