Duelyst Ancient Bonds Expansion Brings Tribal Synergy

If you’re part of a tribe, you tend to stick together. It’s this line of thinking that makes up the crux of the new Duelyst Ancient Bonds expansion, which will introduce new synergies between cards of like tribes.

duelyst ancient bonds expansion

Ancient Bonds will offer up 39 new cards to the game, many of which have the new Bond keyword that will trigger effects when minions of the same tribe are on the board. There are also additional links between unique minion types like Arcanysts and Golems.

The cards in the expansion can be earned through the collection of Ancient Orbs which can be purchased through the in-game Armory. These Orbs are similar to the Bloodborn Orbs introduced in the Rise of the Bloodborn expansion and contain three copies of three unique cards from the Ancient Bonds expansion.

There are also a few balance changes made to Duelyst’s existing cards coming with Ancient Bonds, including a raised mana cost of 0 to 1 for Slo and a minor stat adjustment to the Diamond Golem card. Looking ahead, Duelyst is working on opening up its currently limited iOS beta, developing an Android version of the game, and adding new game modes and weekly boss battles.

Everything that’s on offer in the new expansion can be read at the official site.

Our Thoughts

We’re taking away more from the roadmap from this announcement simply because it’s good to hear that Duelyst is going to expand itself into the mobile game space. Otherwise, the Ancient Bonds expansion sounds like a worthwhile addition, with new rules and card types that could make building a cohesive deck easier.

Your Thoughts

Are you happy with the cards offered in the Ancient Bonds expansion? Did any of the existing card adjustments disappoint? Are you looking forward to Duelyst’s mobile release? Let us know in the comments.

Source: official site

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