Duke Nukem Will Be Playable in Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan

In what’s probably the single most unlikely mash-up in MMO gaming history, developer Insel Games has revealed that Duke Nukem himself will be joining the cast of Wild Buster characters. Something something bubble gum and ass.

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Insel’s CEO Patrick Streppel reasons that the character’s arrival to Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan is actually a pretty perfect fit when you think about it. “With Duke’s well-established reputation of being the unorthodox underdog hero and defender of humanity, he fits perfectly in the gritty but tongue-in-cheek sci-fi universe of Wild Buster,” said Streppel in a statement. “We are happy that Gearbox immediately saw that fit.”

According to Streppel, Duke’s arrival to the game’s playable roster marks the first step in getting “other iconic characters” added to the game, though the announcement did not elaborate on who those characters may be.

Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan is currently seeking $10k on Indiegogo for its Western release. It currently sits at over $2k with 22 days left to its campaign as of this writing.

Our Thoughts

Well, we suppose Duke wasn’t really doing much nowadays anyway. What we’re most intrigued by is the whole part about adding “other iconic characters”. What other franchises could Wild Buster draw from in order to further fill out its roster?

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