Dungeons & Dragons Online Previews The Upcoming Warlock Class

Turbine’s free to play Dungeons & Dragons Online is adding the Warlock, a new class for the MMORPG coming with Update 26.

Dungeons & Dragons Online

Turbine previewed the Warlock in their Update 26: Warlock’s Legacy Preview livestream. A Staple of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise since the 3rd edition of the tabletop RPG, the Warlock can hardly be called “new”. However, in Dungeons & Dragons Online terms there is nothing old about the class.

The Warlock will utilize an otherworldly patron pact of a Fiendish Devil, Fey, or the Great Old One in order to help them invoke eldritch power to fuel their dark spells. With three distinctive enhancement trees in the Tainted Scholar, Souleater, and Enlightened Spirit, the Warlock will wreak havoc throughout the world of Dungeons & Dragons Online.

To find out more about the Warlock, you can watch the Warlock’s Legacy Preview with Vargouille, Steelstar, and Cordovan below and view the Warlock’s “pew-pew-pew” Eldritch Blast ability for yourself which literally fires from your hands.

Play Dungeons & Dragons Online for free today by heading over to the official website.

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