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Dust 514 Talks Upcoming Developments

We haven’t heard from Dust 514 in quite a while but Today CCP Rattati released a status update to reassure us that yes, they are still around and working on the game.

In the status update, Rattati tells us that the team has been busy working on some “really good features” which is why they’ve been so quiet for so long but assures everybody waiting for Dust 514 that there are “lots of things happening.” Including a total removal of slot progression from dropsuits which would come with a hotfix.

Dust 514

The plan for SKINs, apparently, is to completely remove the unique BPO’s and replace them with SKINs. This change was slowed down a lot because of the improved tools they got from EVE, this was awesome for the team but it did mean that everybody needed some time to get used to the new tools. Overall, it’s a good thing for Dust 514, but logistics and commando slot changes may well need to be folded into the next release rather than putting out regular hotfixes.

A change that Rattati assures us will be coming is a flat strafe speed reduction. This will reduce forward speed from 90% down to 70%. This change could be reverted in a later hotfix if it doesn’t work out, though it likely won’t be completely averted.

Finally, Dust 514 will still be holding both an event which offers a cool reward, as well as a newsletter which also brings a nice reward. It’s all in the pipelines, folk. Dust 514 is still going.


Source: Dust 514 forum announcement

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