E3 2015: The Division Q&A Highlights Loot, Customization–and Doors?

With E3 looming overhead, Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft teamed up yesterday to present a video Q&A for The Division, discussing loot, character customization, and door closing animations.

The Division Q&A

Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft teamed up yesterday to present a special video Q&A for their upcoming game, The Division.

“In case you missed the news,” says Hamish Bode (@HamishBode), Massive Community Developer and self-proclaimed viking. “we’re headed to E3 to show you guys a bit more of The Division. And to celebrate, we thought it would be cool if we could morph this Q&A into something a little bit more special.”

Although Massive’s question/answer sessions are usually managed in the forums on the website, the game’s upcoming E3 feature prompted the developer to step up their game. The video Q&A featured questions from the Netherlands, the United States of America, and Sweden regarding loot distribution and rarity, character customization, and the secret behind door closing animations.





In response to an inquiry about loot rarity and distribution, Lead economic designer Andrada Greciuc discussed distribution and rarity. She said:

The orange ones you see was the highest rarity and it was very flashy so you notice it. We make sure that when you get a good item, you don’t overlook it.The lower rarity items are also marked, you should be able to find them as well, they’re just not as flashy. Also, not all kills grant loot, so that’s why you didn’t see [a notification] after each kill.

Character Customization

The Division

Regarding a question about character customization, senior character artist Emil Mujanovic explained The Division’s complex armor and clothing system. He said:

We have a good system in place where we can actually customize regions of our gear. For instance, the chest piece has up to three variants we can change. There’s an outer layer, a middle layer, and a bottom layer. That way you don’t bump into the same guy with the same gear and be like ‘Oh, I don’t feel as unique or as important in the game anymore.’ Plus you get to look how you want to look.

Door Animations


The door closing animation from The Division’s 2014 E3 gameplay trailer has become one of the biggest, most talked-about game features. A small detail, the animation adds a level of detail and depth absent in most other next-gen games. It has become a sort of calling card for Massive’s upcoming online shooter. In response to a question about the animations,  senior technical animator Matthew Lee offered some light-hearted insight. He said:

We have a bunch of animators who are door closing experts, they basically closed car doors all day just for this one animations. Obviously, you’re going to be able to do this on a lot of different cars in New York. We weren’t getting the right results on the Swedish cars so it was pretty important that we went and got authentic New York car doors.

He then paused, smiled, and added:

“For real–it uses a blend of motion capture keyframed animation and human IK to allow us to track where the car door is and place the hand onto the car door and shut [it] with blended animation.”

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