E3: Final Fantasy XIV Reveals New Class and Job

E3 is big, and Final Fantasy XIV wasn’t about to let their fans down. So during the live Producer letter today they announced a new class, a new job, and a ton more!

First up is the Rogue. This class is a dual wielding and uses daggers or knives as part of a set. Rogues come from a thief background but because thieves don’t really fit in the universe they were made into Rogues. Movement for Rogues is a little bit faster than other classes and falling damage is also significantly less than others. Ninjas will incorporate poisons, sneaking, and much more into their abilities. They will be added in update 2.4.

FFXIV E3 Rogue

Marriage was also brought up. Players will be able to marry each other in eternal bonding ceremonies which can be completed regardless of race, creed, or gender. They’re looking at options for something special for those who do marry, like possibly a mount you can both ride.


Personal housing is still coming though they aren’t quite ready for it to be released yet. Personal Chambers will be introduced in 2.3 with housing hopefully coming in 2.3.8.

FFXIV E3 Ninja

They’re also working on new emotes. Hugs and slapping are the big ones. They aren’t worried about overlapping and clipping issues, instead they want to focus on the emotion behind the actions.


A new really crazy hard version of Binding Coil will be introduced in 2.3. It is being called Brutal Mode and is so hard they aren’t even sure that players will be able to complete it. If you do however there will be a special title available for you.


Though the demand for 8 man dungeons seems to be quite high in North America there isn’t a whole lot of demand for it in the rest of the world. Because of this while they are on the list of things they would like to do they don’t rate very high. They have to think about what would appeal to most players.

FFXIV Livestream

Workshops will be introduced in basements. Here you will be able to build airships, and hopefully much more. Magic will allow these to be made small so they can be worked on indoors. Once they’re released outdoors they will grow to their full size.

FFXIV E3 Workshop

Duelling is another highly requested feature that they’re working on. They aren’t sure that it can be made into a fun system but they do want people to be able to test each other’s PvP DPS and more.


Much more was discussed during the live stream but these are the biggest highlights.

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