E3: Showcases New Trailers For Its Upcoming MMO Titles

At E3, players have been given a glimpse of the upcoming titles that is the proud publisher of. Games such as Skyforge, Armored Warfare and World of Speed.

In Skyforge, players develop from immortals to mighty champions. From mighty champions, to powerful gods. Gain followers and new powers as you venture on your path. Skyforge features a unique action combat system, combined with a massive variety of classes and character customization options. Which you can switch up any time you want, no need to create an entirely new character! Check out the trailer down here:

A new gameplay trailer has been released for Armored Warfare, showcasing the new role system as well as the different types of tanks players can get to choose from. Choosing these different types of tanks before entering combat, offers a strategic advantage over your opponent. Check the trailer down here:

World of Speed is classified as an MMO action-racing game, with stunning visuals and grade A cars. Unlocking a new car is just the beginning. Spoilers headlights hoods and wheels can all be customized, no two players cars will end up looking the same. Not only that, choosing which type of engine or suspension you use, will determine how your car will run. Check out the trailer down here:

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