E3: Ubisoft Press Conference for the MMO Player

Once again at the Ubisoft Press conference we saw Assassin’s Creed and The Division. Thankfully both had all new footage and all new video for us to enjoy. Though it has to be said the story behind The Division is a depressing one. It can be seen in the Official Cinematic Trailer below.


We also got another glimpse of The Crew finally. They showed the drive from Miami to Los Angeles which takes only two hours to complete and is all on one map. Beta for The Crew begins on July 23rd but you can already sign up by going to the official site. And if you don’t make it into the beta have no fear, it will be launching on November 11th.

And finally, the multiplayer surprise of the night came in the form of a new Rainbow Six game. Rainbow Six: Siege is the first Rainbow Six game in years and looks like it will be a lot of fun.

There is still one more press conference to go! Playstation will be starting in just a little over an hour, so check back afterwards for another MMO roundup!

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Shannon first discovered MMOs in 1999 when she picked up the newly launched Everquest. This started a lifelong love affair with online gaming that has taken her around the world and brought her to MMOGames.com. While she still pines for the streets of Paragon, the City of Heroes, today she spends most of her gaming time walking across Tyria in Guild Wars 2, roleplaying with anyone who says hello.