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Earth Eternal Preview

By Cody ‘Neramaar’ Hargreaves


I’ve always been in two minds when it comes to browser games. When I’m at home, I treat them as though they were dirty socks, avoiding them until they stack

so high that I can see nothing else; though when I’m at school with a few hours to kill, they become my saving grace, serving as the ultimate method of homework

procrastination this side of the PG13 rating, and in many ways, I have them alone to thank for my continued sanity. The reason I avoid them at home boils down to the obvious

lack of quality they offer when compared to their rival, the Free-to-Play MMO. ‘Why settle for less?’ has always been my philosophy, and with an abundance of high-quality

F2P games littering the market, browser games have simply slipped off my radar.

That was until Earth Eternal came along anyway, the first game Iâ

€™ve found to blur that line and offer a full MMO experience in a browser since Runescape. Earth Eternal looks like a F2P MMO, plays like a F2P MMO, and it does it all through

a web browser. It… well, it the future. And from where I’m sitting, the future is looking pretty damn good.

The Animals of Warcraft


Though in most circumstances I’d be labelling this as a criticism, Earth Eternal closely resembles the ever-popular World of Warcraft.

The reason I find that to be a positive this time around is, as mentioned above, because the whole damn thing runs through a web browser. And happily, it does enough

differently in the character creation phase to keep it feeling fresh, too. That is, unlike World of Warcraft, Earth Eternal offers a choice between 22 races, each closely

resembling different creatures of the world and beyond. Frogs, Cats, Aliens, Demons, Badgers, Goats, Mice and plenty more await you on the character creation screen, and as an

added (and, let face it, unexpected) bonus, there a decent amount of customisation to be found, too. Sadly, at this point in time your choice here is merely aesthetic

and offers no gameplay difference.

However, that really where the innovation ends for Earth Eternal, as everything else is stunningly familiar

to World of Warcraft and its many, many offspring. There are four classes available, the Knight, Rogue, Druid and Mage, each of them sporting a different play-style and

skill-set closely resembling their counterparts in World of Warcraft; there are numerous skills, items, weapons and armour sets to be collected and taken advantage of,

hundreds of quests and enemies to conquer and loot, an enormous world to explore and plunder, and, most importantly within the context of a web-based MMO, it all looks


Get Your Grove On!
Now, you may already know this, but for those that don’t; I’m a telepath. That

is, I can read your mind. Right now, you’re wondering whether or not you really want to play another ‘WoW baby’, having trudged through so many of them already. And itâ

€™s for that very reason that I’ve saved the best news for last: Earth Eternal contains two separate components, and as it currently in the open beta phase, only one of

them is in play. The first component, outlined above, is the die-hard questing, killing and collecting we’ve all played so many times before; however, the second component,

called Groves, sounds far more interesting. Basically, Groves are part of a highly customizable and incredibly in-depth social housing system that hopes to allow players

access to an entirely new MMO experience; something along the lines of creating and designing your own buildings and areas, and tailoring them to your liking. While the

release of Groves hasn’t yet been announced, it seem as though it this component alone that will lead Earth Eternal down the path of innovation, and quite frankly, I

can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Lastly — as if you’ve played a F2P Fantasy MMO before now, then you’ll likely be ready to try this one

for yourself — there is a small install required before you are able to play. Sadly, this means that unlike most other browser games, it doubtful that you’ll be able

to play this one at school or work. But on the bright side, Earth Eternal may very well be good enough to play at home; the quality is certainly up there, and it has the

visuals and gameplay to back its play. The future is looking good alright; if things keep going like this, I may even start washing my socks for good luck.


What we liked:
Full MMO experience in a browser
Small download/install
22 race options/solid customisation


What we’d like to see:
Different abilities for each race
For more information about

Earth Eternal, check out their website!

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