Echo of Soul Warlock Class Brings the Terror

Echo of Soul, the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG by Aeria Games, has debuted their newest character as part of the new content update – the Warlock. Along with the Warlock, the update includes two new dungeons, an expanded number of character slots per account, and marks the start of a new PvP season!

Echo of Soul Warlock 1

The Warlock is a unique character class, as it challenges players to a new combat strategy by using both ranged and melee attacks. The Warlock harnesses dark new abilities as a Tormentor or a Reaper, and drives his enemies mad with despair when he fights. To celebrate the new class, Echo of Soul is increasing the number of available character slots for each account from six to eight slots. The first player to reach level 60 with the Warlock class on each server will receive a special Warlock title, so you better get leveling soon!

Two new dungeons are included in the update as well; Crimson Fortress and Destroyed Cardilla. These dungeons will test the strength of even the toughest players around with tricky traps and deadly enemies. Gather your friends and employ all the skills at your disposal! There are also new Tier 5 Infinite Solo Dungeons and Tier 6 Party Dungeons with new boss monsters.

This update also brings with it the start of PvP Season 2, which will run through March 2016. All players will start fresh for the new season and get a chance to compete for exclusive titles and new PvP gear. Let’s see if the Echo of Soul Warlock can bring death like it was intended to do!

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