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Echo of Soul’s Motley of PvP Modes

Echo of Soul has oodles of intense PvP content if that’s your thing in MMOs, including duels, battlefields, arenas, and guild wars.

Echo of Soul PvP - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

Battlefields will be very familiar to MMO veterans as most, if not all, MMORPGs have this form of PvP in some form or another. Echo of Soul pits two teams of 15 players against one another in one of two unique maps for victory and gold. Players can join battlefields in a pre-made group or solo as early as level 10 – all stats and gear are equalized between participating players to create as fair a fight as possible and by take part, you can earn experience, gold, and points to use when purchasing items and PvP gear. The maps include Mettle’s Theater which requires teams to capture the five towers to be the first to 10,000 points, and Tribulation’s Vale where players with duke it out over resources throughout the battlefield’s five lanes.

Arenas provide 5 vs. 5 close quarter matches for players who prefer their PvP a little more frenzied. These will require teamwork – especially considering the game’s lack of a dedicated healer class – in order to push for the higher arena rankings based on the game’s ELO system. Arenas will also allow you to queue with a pre-made group or solo and by taking part, you can earn points which you can exchange for the most powerful PvP gear available.

Echo of Soul PvP - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

Last but not least are Echo of Soul’s guild wars. These are actually pretty cool as they allow you to set your guild to Hostile and declare war on rival guilds in the open world. Not only this, but you can form alliances with other guilds to become an impressive combined force. Guild wars are not limited to the open world, however. You and your guild can enter Valhalla, the “ultimate guild vs. guild battlefield” in which you compete for spoils and fight to take down a powerful world boss. Guilds will need to collect crafting resources throughout Valhalla to keep themselves in top form and bring along a mix of both PvE and PvP geared players to help in both defeating the boss, and kill enemy players trying to take the kill away from you. This daily clash has the opportunity to pack hundreds of players at any one time which could result in some epic clashes.

So wherever your PvP preferences lie, Echo of Soul should have you covered. Which PvP mode has you most excited?



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