ECO Threatens Server-Wide Permadeath for Failure

ECO, a new game by Strange Loop Games, comes with some pretty extreme consequences, namely server-wide permadeath for failure.


ECO is about survival. Animals hunt, eat, and breed. Trees grow and soak up water. And people must manage a finite amount of natural resources while fighting a looming cosmic threat. Players must eat, farm, mine, and build to survive. It’s like Minecraft–with a twist.

“You’re facing two existential crises simultaneously,” said Strange Loop Games, “an external threat that you must avert, and the threat of causing your own destruction.”

And the consequences for failure are extreme. Strange Loop Games promises planet-wide permadeath for each failing world. In short, if you lose, you die.

ECO is planning a Kickstarter campaign and is attempting to get Steam Greenlight approval.

Strange Loop Games

Strange Loop Games is an award-winning educational gaming company working to redefine the term “educational game.” Working with the U.S Department of Education, Strange Loop Games builds challenging social worlds that promotes self-motivated learning.

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