The Elder Scrolls Online Announces Star-Studded Voice Cast

Today Bethesda announced some of the voice actors who will appear in The Elder Scrolls Online.

“This extraordinary group of actors helps bring the distinctive characters in The Elder Scrolls Online to life,” said Matt Firor, game director ofThe Elder Scrolls Online. “In The Elder Scrolls tradition, we sought world class talent to add a deep and enriching component to the immersive world the series offers players.”

  • John Cleese as Cadwell. The charmingly cheerful and completely insane lost soul who is afraid of no one.
  • Bill Nighy as a merchant prince who happened to win the throne.
  • Kate Beckinsale plays the roll of Queen Ayrenn, the leader of the Aldmeri Dominion and Queen of the High Elves. But she is more comfortable in combat than she is on the throne.
  • Alfred Molina is Abnur Tharn, and old wizard who is the head of the Empire’s Elder Council and the de facto power behind the Ruby Throne.
  • Lynda Carter returns to the Elder Scrolls as Azura, the Daedric Princess of Dusk and Dawn from Skyrim.

Elder Scrolls Online Armor

  • Michael Gambon plays The Prophet, a mysterious blind man who helps the player retrieve their soul.
  • Malcolm McDowell voices Molag Bal, a Daedric God from another plane who seeks the souls of all in Tamriel.
  • Peter Stormare as Jorunn the Skaald King.
  • Jim Ward is Mannimarco, a renegade High Elf wizard exiled from the realm for raising the dead.
  • Jennifer Hale takes on the role of Lyris Titanborn, a Nord half-giant who aids the players along their journey.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson plays Sai Sahan, a noble martial artist and master swordsman.

See what the actors themselves have to say about playing their roles in The Elder Scrolls Online in an all new 17 minute video.

To find out more about The Elder Scrolls Online, visit the game page.

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