Elder Scrolls Online Discusses The Year Ahead

Elder Scrolls Online Discusses the Year Ahead

2015 was an amazing year for Elder Scrolls Online with the launch of the Orsinium DLC and the start of the Million Reasons to Play campaign, but 2016 promises to be even bigger. Game Director Matt Firor took the time to provide a first look at what’s in store for ESO this year. The focus won’t just be on two DLC game packs, Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, but also on social features, player leveling  and more.

Elder Scrolls Online Discusses The Year Ahead


Social Changes

An overall goal for ESO this coming year and beyond it to continue an effort that has been under way internally for some time, as shown by the level scaling in the Imperial City and Orsinium DLCs. The plan is to make te game much more “open”, allowing players to play and group with one another with far fewer restrictions. The first step in doing this will be to fix the longstanding problems with the Looking for Group system, but much more than that will be done in the end.

Here are some of the features that are being worked on as we speak as part of the social focus:

  • Looking for Group version 2.0, which will go live with the Thieves Guild update. Version 2.0 will fix some longstanding problems with the LFG system of ESO and allow players to create groups faster and more efficiently.
  • All future DLC will continue to use player level scaling to ensure that players of all levels can play in the same zone together, as was the case with Imperial City and Orsinium.
  • The enabling of text chat on consoles later this year to help players communicate zone-wide with other players. This also gives them easier access to emotes and gives them the ability to chat with others using text instead of voice. It’ll be entirely optional, and ESO will continue to fully support voice chat on console as the primary means of communication.
  • A Looking for Guild system is also in the works, as well as updates and fixes to make it easier to manage player guilds.

With these changes, more player-to-player interaction becomes possible, which is in fact the heart and soul of games like Elder Scrolls Online. More details about these social features will be revealed as we move farther into 2016.

Elder Scrolls Online Discusses The Year Ahead


Player Leveling

The goal for player leveling is to make the Champion system the primary vehicle for customizing your character past level 50. This work is currently scheduled to be released in Q2 as part of the Dark Brotherhood update. Here’s how the transition will work roughly:

  • Little to no changes will be made to the current 1-50 player leveling system. Player will still get one Skill Point per level as they do now, and one point to put in their Attributes (Stamina, Magicka, or Health).
  • From 50+, players will receive Champion Points as they gain experience, which can be used to further augment your character via the Champion system. The character information window will be updated to show your level, as well as your Champion Rating, which is the total number of Champion Points you have.
  • Players will remain to be able to gain more Skill Points the same way they do now by completing quests, raising their Alliance War rank and collecting Skyshards.
  • The Champion Point cap will slowly rise over time as more content gets added to the game. The cap is currently set at 501 Champion Points.

For more information about the 2016 plans, including the DLC and update plan, make sure you head over to the official Elder Scrolls Online website.


Our Thoughts

Elder Scrolls Online has seen a lot of changes since its launch, but it has all been for the better. With continuous improvements, ESO will hopefully remain among the most popular MMORPGs around and they truly deserve it. We can’t wait till the iconic storylines of the Thieves Guild and The Dark Brotherhood hit the game!

Source: Elder Scrolls Online Official Website

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