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The Elder Scrolls Online Now Available for Pre-Order

Pre-Orders have begun for The Elder Scrolls Online after yesterday’s leak by Amazon. It is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One with each of them offering a standard or Imperial, Collector’s Edition.

ESO Imperial PC

The Imperial Collector’s Edition Includes:

  • 5 Days Early Access
  • 30 Days of Game time
  • Play as an Imperial in any Alliance
  • Imperial White Horse
  • Craft Imperial Armor
  • Transform Gear into Imperial Gear
  • Rings of Mara
  • Mudcrab Vanity Pet

The Physical Collector’s Edition adds to that:

  • 12” statue of Molag Bal
  • 244 Page Illustrated Guide
  • Map of Tamriel

All pre-orders also come with the Explorer Pack:

  • 5 Days Early Access
  • Play any race in any alliance
  • Scuttler Vanity Pet
  • Bonus Treasure Maps


Prices range from $59.99 for the standard edition to $99.99 for the collector’s edition. Though Gamestop Ireland currently lists the PS4 Imperial Edition for €50 more than the PC version. According to the Elder Scrolls Online store the monthly subscription for ESO will be $14.99 (€12.99/£8.99).

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