Elder Scrolls Online: State of the Game Address

Lead Developer of the Elder Scrolls Online Matt Firor has taken to the forums to look at the state of the game two and half weeks after the launch. In it he addresses the issues with gold spammers and bots which have been a huge complaint. It is something that Zenimax is working on and at the moment 85% of the customer service tickets submitted have to do with gold spammers. As a result of the huge number of tickets being submitted they’re all being slowed.

ESO Sitting Around

He also addresses the gold duping bug and the accidental bans of people who hadn’t taken part in the duping. The worst offenders of this were banned and contrary to what people may be saying it didn’t have a big impact on the economy in ESO.

Finally, he mentions Craglorn, the upcoming end-game adventure zone that will be the first update to the game. He suggests watching the PTS patch notes for it and that it would stay on the PTS for a week to ten days.

If you’d like to read his words for yourself take a look at it on the official forums.

ESO Mara Ritual

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