Elder Scrolls Online Update 2

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2 Goes Live

The next chapter of the Crypt of Hearts dungeon begins today as the Veteran version goes live in the Elder Scrolls Online Update 2. Along with it comes the much requested field of view slider for those who like to play in first-person mode. It will allow players to change between a field of view of 70 all the way up to 130.

Players will also now be able to pick up armor and weapons that are found throughout the world. They won’t be worth much and are of low quality. But, they’ll do the job in a pinch.

Elder Scrolls Online Update 2

One of the most exciting changes from Update 2 involves windows. Yes, you read that right, windows. Zenimax has improved the interior of buildings by putting projections from windows in. It may be just a small thing, but it is a small thing that looks amazing!

Finally, in addition to fixing bugs Zenimax has heard the pleas of the light armor wearers for something more than just robes. And that is why light jerkins can now be crafted.

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