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Elder Scrolls Online Update 6: Justice

You’ve violated the law. Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence!

Truth, Justice, all that stuff. They’re coming to Tamriel in Update 6. Where there are laws though, there will be lawbreakers. With the update players in The Elder Scrolls Online will have the chance to decide where they come down on the concept of justice.

TESO Thief

Does the idea of ownership of goods only apply to your own inventory? Thievery will allow you to peek into the personal inventories of NPCs and their homes. If you want to indulge that pricking in your fingers, those things can be stolen. Assuming that is you’ve managed to sneak up on your mark and filch the items without being seen.

Get caught? Sometimes people react badly. Assault and Murder are now on the table for you. The difference is now there will be consequences if you’ve been caught in the act. Choose your marks carefully.

If you get caught you can expect a bounty on your head. When you have a bounty, guards will attempt to bring you to justice, making you pay a sum in gold for your misdeeds. Your bounty level determines how guards react to your presence. There are three bounty levels:

Disreputable – The guards will generally ignore you unless you approach them.
Notorious – You’ll be chased down by the guards, who enlist other guards to assist in the pursuit.
Fugitive – You are Kill On Sight to the guards. To lower your bounty at this level, you must either wait for it to decay over time or find a fence that can assist you in paying it off.

To liquidate your ill gotten goods or to assist in paying off that fugutive status, there are outlaw refuges available in major cities.

TESO Fence

Is a life of crime calling to you? According to the update on the official site, there’s a new skill line coming with the update to assist that.
This skill line, the Legerdemain skill line, will be found in the “World” category, and will gain experience as you commit crimes. Clearly crime is coming to Tamriel.

I wonder how this guard would deal with the punishment.

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