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Elite: Dangerous 1.1 Patch Out Now

The Elite: Dangerous 1.1 patch released yesterday to one and all giving us more things to coo over and goals to work towards as a confederation of pilots.

The driving idea behind the community goals is to give players projects to work towards. In the video linked below, the example is given of a player created Ocellus Starport.

Players can mine the necessary materials, en masse, to gain a starport for a system and build it up. Other community building options include captial ships. While in an ideal world people would come together and share the work, there will of course be benefits to whomever contributed the most to build. Just remember, not every capital ship you create can be named the Enterprise.

How the new player created stations shift the story playing out in Galnet remains to be seen. Dangerous times are ahead. Clearly we need better ships. While people can eye up the Anaconda or the largest player-piloted Federal ship in Elite: Dangerous as shown in the recent newsletter, the Core Dynamics Corvette.. I want something a little more grand.


Something that really really shows you mean business.

I wonder if I can hijack Jaques Station…if I can find it.

Jaques Station is a custom mobile Orbis starport you’ll find in Elite: Dangerous 1.1. Modified to support drives, Jaques Station will jump to a new system from time to time as Jaques sets off on his course away from human space. His roaming starport will make a useful base for explorers, but if you’re docked when he jumps you’ll be taken with him.


Jaques Station will also sell a special and rare trade good, so check the markets if you can catch him. GalNet will be updated with news of the starport’s route next week, and will continue to keep track of his movements as Jaques journeys across the galaxy.

I’ll take two please! Not that I’ll get to pilot something that size. For people who want something more than changing the face and politcal landscape of the galaxy, more multiplayer components will be released this March in Patch 1.2. Stay tuned for details.

Patch Notes can be found on the official forums here.

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