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Elite: Dangerous 1.2 Coming in March

Players of Elite: Dangerous can expect some cool features for next months update. A new post on the forums Executive Producer, Michael Brookes gives us some insight on what to expect in the next release. Patch 1.2 will introduce Wing beacons, which will allow players to send signals from their ships to super cruisers. The basic functionality will allow other players and NPCs to access the signal and warp to the same location, which should bring some welcomes changes to cooperative play.

To read the post in its entirety, it can be found on the official forums.

First let’s look at some more details on the Wings functionality – Wing Beacons. Player wings exist to enable cooperative game play. One of the neat features wings use to support this notion is the wing beacon. This nifty little device allows you to send a signal from normal space into the system’s super cruise environment.
Your wing will be able to see the signal – regardless of distance – as long as they are in super cruise in the system; they can use it just like a wake and drop down to your location.

The wing beacon also leaves the door open for future updates to trigger game events from it, such as distress calls to nearby Commanders and AI ships for example. But right now it makes all the difference when you drop into your wing’s system; with a simple flick of a switch, your team members will be able to instantly lead you to their position.

Wings also brings an overhaul for comms. The most obvious change is the ability to transmit open broadcasts. Such text messages will now be received by all ships nearby. Of course, you can toggle your ship’s ability to receive such broadcasts at will.

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