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Elite: Dangerous Clan Distant Worlds Sets Jump Record

Recently, a clan in Elite: Dangerous set the record for the most simultaneous jumps taking place in a single instance.

Supposedly, the instance limit in Elite: Dangerous is set to 32 players, however, that number is apparently a little flexible. Fifty-two players from clan Distant Worlds decided to travel nearly 25,000 light years from home to the system Sagittarius A*.

Sag A* is notable because it contains the game’s only known Supermassive Black Hole and serves as the exact center of the Milky Way galaxy. Once at their destination, a member of Distant Worlds filmed the entire group jumping to hyperspace at the exact same time, a feat that has at least never been recorded so far.

Generally, it takes about 700 jumps to reach Sag A* from Sol, which is approximately 8 hours of non-stop warping. Most players will spend a week or two to reach Sag A* if they want the voyage to be profitable.

Our Thoughts:

For those who don’t play Elite: Dangerous this might not seem like such an amazing accomplishment, but coordinating this many players for such a long distance is indeed impressive. Furthermore, this proves that the previous cap of 32 players was either removed or more of a rough estimate.

Source: Reddit

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