Elite Dangerous Explorer Gets Rescued

An intrepid Elite Dangerous explorer who was trying to reach a new distance record and got stranded in doing so has been rescued and brought back to the Milky Way. A team of equally intrepid pilots are credited for the rescue in an effort that reportedly took several days to plan and execute.

elite dangerous explorer

The rescue was made by members of the Fuel Rats, a group of pilots whose sole purpose is to provide fuel services and rescue for Commanders caught on an empty tank. Such was the case for Commander Persera, who was going for the longest distance traveled away from Sol and ran out of fuel for the return trip as a result of a miscalculation.

According to Persera, she was caught outside of the system for about a week before Fuel Rat Commanders Abish, Highwaywarrior and theUnkn0wn1 were able to drop in and connect fuel drone limpets to her craft. Commander Persera herself then inched a few hundred feet further from her shutdown and jettisoned a canister of Hutton Mugs as a planted flag marking her achievement.

“When I’d pictured sending off the mugs on their eternal journey I’d imagined something a little more grand than what actually happened,” reads Persera’s account of the events. “Instead of a few dozen megameters or more, I technically hold the record by less than five hundred meters. I think. As I said, it’s all a bit of a blur.”

Our Thoughts

Our sincerest congratulations to both Commander Persera for making a record-breaking journey and to the Fuel Rats for pretty much equaling the journey in order to help her out. It’s stories like this that really do make a case for sandbox-style MMOs.

Source: official forums via Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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