Elite Dangerous Introduces a Thargoid Hunting Ship

The conflict between the players of Elite Dangerous and the Thargoid race appears to be ramping up. In a tweet sent out by the devs, a new Elite Dangerous spacecraft was introduced; one specifically built to take the fight to the alien race.

elite dangerous spacecraft

The Type-10 Defender is a ship that comes from the efforts of Laikon Spaceways and the Alliance. While specifics on what this ship is capable of weren’t introduced in the initial tweet, it does state that the craft is purpose-built to “withstand the rising Thargoid threat”.

The game’s official forums adds a little more context for the Type-10, stating that the ship is “a military behemoth specifically built for combat and absorbing heavy hits”. The forum post also mentions that missions to shuttle survivors of space station attacks away from the Thargoids are underway.

The new Type-10 ship is available in most Alliance-controlled high-tech systems.

Our Thoughts

So an arms race is on, then. We’re definitely curious to know if this line of thinking will lead to other unique ships with individual purposes to fight the Thargoids. We’re also curious whether this new Type-10 will see action after the alien menace is handled. In either case, we’re just going to appreciate a very pretty-looking internet spaceship.

Sources: Twitter, official forums

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