Elite: Dangerous Officially Launches

Elite Dangerous Clipper Ext

Though many have been playing it all year, today marks the official launch date for the fourth installment in the Elite series of epic space games, Elite: Dangerous. Elite: Dangerous can trace its roots back to Elite, which was first developed by David Braben in 1984! Elite: Dangerous was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign and crowdfunding done on Frontier Developments’ website. Going on to be one of the most talked about MMOs of 2014.

With development now behind them Elite: Dangerous has been released into the wild, and Frontier is making things a little sweeter for the people who are up for a challenge. Frontier Developments is offering a separate £1,000 cash prize to the first player who attains Elite status for each of combat, trading and exploration, and a further £10,000 prize for the first player to attain the coveted Triple Elite status for total mastery of all three. Player’s choosing to claim one of the £1,000 cash prizes will make them ineligible for the ‘triple’ prize, though one player could get more than one of the £1,000 prizes. To find out more about the rules of the competition head over to the official site where they’re all laid out.

Elite: Dangerous is now available in the official store for $59.99/€49.99/£39.99.

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