Elite: Dangerous Patch 1.3 – A Graphics Downgrade

Elite: Dangerous’ newest patch (Patch 1.3) introduced several stability fixes and general tweaks, but the patch also saw a major graphics downgrade.

Elite: Dangerous Patch 1.3

Despite several overall improvements, Patch 1.3 was apparently a misstep for Frontier. A forum post on FAO Frontier shows several examples of graphics slipping. Though the post is relatively civil, it is an immediate call to action.

From the FAO Frontier post:

“There are a number of threads out there now on the graphics, I’m making this one in the hopes that Frontier see it and respond. To that end can we please keep this thread civil and not discuss theories as to why we feel the graphics have changed. We have a number of other threads where all of that can be discussed.”

The post continues by listing side-by-side screenshots, comparing the current patch to past incarnations of the game (some of the shots come from as far back as Alpha).

Here are some of the shots:


This first shot compares asteroids and UI from 1.00 and 1.306. Notice the lack of shadow or detail in the bottom image.



This second shot shows space, star, asteroid, and ship graphics from Zaonce 1 in patches 1.3 and 1.2, respectively. Note the lack of flare, fog, and detail on all objects.


Fortunately, Frontier has taken note of the Elite community’s complaint and will address the graphics problem as soon as possible.


Source: FAO Frontier


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