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Elite: Dangerous Soars Onto Steam

The immensely popular space simulator MMO Elite: Dangerous – which successfully launched back in December – is now available for purchase through Steam. So for gamers who prefer Valve’s game platform, it’s time for you to take to the stars and trade, survive, and defend yourself in a “cut throat” galaxy, whichever way you prefer to play. And with 400 billion star systems to explore and infinite freedom, you won’t lack things to do.

Elite: Dangerous on Steam - MMOGames.com - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

The launch of Elite: Dangerous on to Steam comes less than a month after the Wings update went live in the game, bringing in a vastly improved multiplayer experience for folk who enjoy company while piloting around the Milky Way galaxy in Open Play, or perhaps a deadly space battle. You never know who you might encounter in deep space so always go prepared. Though if you prefer, you do have the option to experience the Elite: Dangerous connected galaxy in Solo mode.

The game can be found on the Elite: Dangerous Store Page at Steam and players will need to register a free account with Frontier to be able to access the game. Of course, you can still find the massive spaceship simulator directly at Frontier’s store page so hop aboard today.


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