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Elite: Dangerous Wings Update Takes Flight

The Elite: Dangerous Wings update 1.2 should now be live for your enjoyment. Bringing with it new playable ships, communications interface overhaul, and new AI groups, it brings a lot of great updates to the game.


Elite: Dangerous Wings Update - MMOGames.com - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs


Most importantly, this update will make multiplayer gameplay in Elite: Dangerous a whole lot easier with the implementation of Wing Beacons. These will remove the need to go out and find people you wished to play with and fly around together, which could be a little frustrating for players as it often felt like playing a single player game alongside each other. Now you’ll be able to send out a signal allowing people to find you and drop to your location. There will be shared bounties and mission rewards also. So it will feel a lot for streamlined for those who enjoy the multiplayer aspects of space trading games.

The Wings update is, of course, the patch in which Elite: Dangerous’s Leonard Nimoy memorial station goes live which players will be able to find orbiting the planet Vulcan in system LHS-3006.

There is a pretty big list of fixes and updates on the Elite: Dangerous forums so do check those out if you’re interested.

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