Elsword Update Introduces New Playable Character

Gameforge’s hit anime MMORPG Elsword has received a new update – and with it a new playable character named “Add”! Probably one of craziest heroes of them all, thanks to his ‘Dynamo Mode’, he is also the most impossible to predict in combat.

Add created the mighty ‘Nasod Dynamo’, when he was in isolation and lost to the world. The weapon is made of the remains of a once powerful robot, and with it Add can gather Dynamo points by using his normal attacks, and when he gains enough points he will be able to activate the Dynamo Mode. In this superstate, Adds’ abilities deal increased damage and then rain a true storm of destructive attacks upon his enemies.

The story behind Add:
“Add, an incredible inventor and scientist, started a promising career even in his early years – until he broke the taboo of wanting to create Nasod with super-human abilities. His family were killed and Add sold into slavery. In his escape attempt, he stumbled into a forgotten library, where time followed different rules. As he was finally able to break out after years of solitude and study, the world had greatly changed. But Add had also changed…In a time that was not his own, he hungered for knowledge and power, in the hopes of building a machine that could take him home. In the meantime, he studied the Nasod, in particular Eve, the Nasod Queen, whose perfect codes truly piqued his interest. He searches for her to this day.”

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