Elsword Voice Actors Profiled in New Video Series

Voice actors play a crucial role in KOG Games’ plans for season two of its Elsword side-scrolling free-to-play battler. Voice actors include Cristina Vee (Bleach, Sword Art Online), who brings Rena to life, and Nicolas Roye (Naruto, Digimon), who plays the title character. Former voice actor and current director Michael Sorich is also in the mix, according to a KOG press release.

Sorich has worked on everything from Power Rangers to VR Troopers to Bleach, and now he’s overseeing all of the voice-acted content for Elsword’s second season. Vee says that it was easy to get into character as Rena, since she’s “very much in the wheelhouse of the characters that I already play.” Vee also says that Rena’s voice is a natural extension of her own, and that she can relate to the character’s desire to dominate battles while maintaining an air of feminine charm once the fighting’s done. Roye, on the other hand, enjoys playing Elsword because of the character’s dynamic and feisty nature, which he says takes him back to who he was as a kid.

Our thoughts:

KOG’s voice actors video series is worth a look if you’re curious about what goes on behind the scenes during the making of Elsword.

Source: Elsword website

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