Elsword’s Guild Overhaul Update is Live

The eagerly anticipated Guild overhaul update has landed in Elsword bringing with it guild bases, guild missions, and an improved guild user interface.

When Elsword players log in they will now start in their guild base unless they logged out in village or rest area. These guild bases are the new home to all the guilds in Elsworld. In them players will be able to meet up, store items in the communal storage space, and more.


Elsword Guild Storage

In the center of the guild base is the communal guild storage area. Players will be able to deposit items, see the guild coin balance, and, with high enough permissions be able to remove items from storage as well. Yes, this means that if you don’t have high enough permission to remove an item you could store it and never be able to get it out again. There is also a visible log of who takes what items from storage, so don’t get caught taking something you shouldn’t.

Elsword Guild NPC

Myu’s Guild Services

Myu, the guild NPC will be able to offer guild members a store, crafting, and exchange features in exchange for guild coin. This service can only be started by a Guild Master however, once it’s open it is open to all guild members. Any newly created guild will enjoy 7 days of free access to Myu’s services.

In addition to these players will be able to play individual or cooperative guild missions to earn rewards for their guild. An improved guild user interface makes being part of an active guild easier than ever. If ever you need assistance with using the new UI or new guild features players are encouraged to check the Elrios Guide Book.


Source: Press Release

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