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Emily Taylor Announces Departure from Daybreak Games

Emily Taylor, more commonly known as Domino, has announced that she will no longer be a part of Daybreak Games or the EverQuest franchise. In a series of tweets sent out yesterday, Domino confirmed her career change.

Emily Taylor expressed her gratitude in a tweet to Daybreak, John Smedley, EQ executive producer Holly Longdale and Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman, and explained that she will be departing the company in two weeks’ time for new ventures.

“I love SOE/Daybreak & am super sad to leave, but it feels like time to return home to Canada, and remember what shoveling snow is like,” writes Taylor. “More news on new job once I start. Fear not, I shall still tweet food and cat photos, and shall lurk around the world of Norrath.”

Details are not yet available on what Domino’s new role is as of this writing, but reports are in that her cat is not taking the idea of moving very well.

Our Thoughts

Considering the amount of response Domino’s initial announcement received, it’s very clear that she was a beloved part of the EverQuest community and the MMO industry as a whole. We are certainly sad to see her go but wish her the very best in her newest adventures. We also hope that her cat will stop vomiting sooner rather than later. Nothing is worse than a stressed-out cat.

Your Thoughts

Have you interacted with Domino in EverQuest or on Twitter? Are you sad to see her go? Give us your thoughts below.

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