En Masse Announces RTS Battleplans

En Masse Entertainment has partnered with developer C4M to bring a new real-time strategy game called Battleplans to mobile and PC players this spring.

Battleplans sets itself apart by combining simple controls with the need for strategic thinking. Unlike many other mobile games, Battleplans will not be overloaded with microtransactions and focuses on battle tactics.

“Battleplans is a great strategy game for players interested in actually controlling the units they send into combat. It provides engaging gameplay but isn’t bogged down by micromanagement,” said Chris Lee, En Masse CEO. “From the first time you play, Battleplans is a joy to pick up and learn. Winning strategies come down to anticipating opponent’s plans, then outsmarting them.”

Key Features:

  • REAL-TIME TACTICS — Make decisions quickly that turn the tide of battle.
  • COMPETITIVE PLAY — Dominate the map. Plan, attack, and defend on your schedule.
  • INTUITIVE CONTROLS — Easy to learn and fun to master. Quick-thinking beats quick fingers.
  • CROSS-PLATFORM FUN — Attack on your tablet. Defend on your phone. Plan on your PC. It’s your choice.
  • PLAN YOUR BATTLES — Choose from a mix of unique heroes and units for both attack and defense.

Currently, players can sign up for the beta through their En Masse account.

Our Thoughts:

The RTS genre has been avoided by most developers recently, and mobile games that actually require strategy are few and far between. It’ll be interesting to see how Battleplans develops and if it delivers on its promises.

Source: Press Release

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