SMITE World Championship

Enemy Surprises Paradigm With SMITE World Championship Semifinals Victory

Today, the SMITE World Champion Semifinals began with the North American Enemy eSports taking on Europe’s Paradigm.

SMITE World Championship

Considered the underdogs for the matchup, Enemy eSports held nothing back and are now moving onto the SMITE World Championship finals after taking down Paradigm 3-1.

SMITE World Championship Game 1: Enemy

In the first match, it looked like things were going Paradigm’s way with an early kill and gold advantage. However, near the 15-minute mark, Paradigm was caught out of position and lost 3 team members. Enemy pressed this advantage in the jungle and obtained a 5,000 gold lead in the process. Feeling the advantage, Enemy takes down 3 more Paradigm players in the jungle. However, Paradigm regroups and catches Enemy out of position to setup the Ace. With only PainDeViande alive, Paradigm makes a sloppy attempt at the Fire Giant, but is harassed off by Pain who eventually helps his team steal the giant. From this point on, Enemy snowballs into additional team fight wins, Fire Giant kills and eventually ends the match at 31 minutes.

Game 2: Enemy

Game 2 starts almost the same, with saltmachine falling twice in a row to Paradigm. With a 3-0 advantage at 11 minutes, Paradigm goes for the Gold Fury but Enemy counters and picks up 3 kills. From this point, both teams passively farm until Lawbster catches saltmachine out of position in the jungle. With a player advantage, Paradigm groups up to begin clearing towers and grabs a 3,000 gold advantage. Paradigm’s Guan Yu gets caught in the jungle, Enemy pressures the rest of Paradigm to retreat and evens out the game with 2 kills and a Gold Fury. At 30 minutes in, both teams collide 5vs5 in the jungle, but Enemy manages to demolish Paradigm and picks up a Fire Giant kill. Enemy’s advantage nets them a Phoenix kill and their first gold lead. Paradigm attempts one last team fight, but going 0-4 and Enemy is able to rush straight for the Titan and claim a 2-0 series lead.

Game 3: Paradigm

In Game 3, Paradigm wins a clear advantage during the drafting phase and forces Enemy into an awkward team composition. Both teams play relatively passive until Ares and Freya land an ultimate combination on Enemy’s Neith. The action is back and forth until 13 minutes in when Ares gets caught alone, but lands a 4-God ultimate on Enemy. Soon after, Lawbster follows up with a big Sol ultimate that lands the team two kills and forces Enemy back to their base. At the 25-minute mark, Paradigm is able to sneak a Fire Giant due to poor Enemy ward placement. Enemy attempts to react but it’s too late. Ares catches the entire enemy team and Paradigm wins the first 3-0. With a huge gold advantage, Paradigm groups up to start clearing objectives. While attempting to take a second Enemy Phoenix, Paradigm burns through Enemy to secure their only win.

Game 4: Enemy

With everything on the line, Paradigm knows this is their last shot at glory. Neither team appeared to want to risk anything during the early phase of Game 4, with only single players getting picked off during most of the fights. The first team engagement took place 6-minutes in, but only Sobek was caught out of position for Paradigm after a poorly-timed ultimate. Things remained even until 25-minutes in when Enemy secures the Gold Fury but loses Bellona. Paradigm attempts the Fire Giant, but Enemy engages losing 3 Gods in the process. Even though Paradigm lead in kills at this point, Enemy was still 5,000 gold ahead. Near 28-minutes, Thor attempted to chase down an injured Hun Batz, but had the tables turned on him. With a player advantage, Enemy forces Paradigm into a lopsided team fight and crushes them. With a clear advantage, Enemy grabbed the Fire Giant, Pushed through Paradigm’s Phoenix and claimed the SMITE World Championship finals seat.

Our Thoughts:

Although both teams played extremely well, Enemy appeared to outdraft Paradigm in almost every game and capitalized on key advantages. Regardless, this was an amazing performance that I’m sure the 30k+ fans definitely enjoyed watching.

Source: SMITE Twitch

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