England’s Game-a-holic’s anonymous

Apparently, the UK Telegraph is reporting that people get addicted to Video Games, can you imagine? As a gamer myself, I can say there were times in my gaming past that I avoided emptying the trash or maybe even called in sick once for a game, but addiction? I love World of Warcraft as much as the next guy, but unlike some people I’ve known, I wouldn’t shun my better half because of a raid. There’s just no comparison between a real-life person involved in your life and a virtual world that can always be put on hold. Everyone does feel a little different about this subject, take this “WoW or GF” thread in our Community that is one of our most popular threads. I guess if you lose your job, your spouse, your family, and your overall ability to function as a constructive member of society because of a video game then you do have a problem. Then again, there are those on the opposite side of the spectrum who may play Video Games all month long, but they also bring home a hefty paycheck in terms of tournament wins and sponsorships.

So where to draw the line? Do you think this is becoming such an epidemic that we need clinics to assist people with rehabilitation? Let me know below by commenting on this.



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