Entropia Universe’s Moon Sold for $150,000

Entropia Universe is an online virtual world featuring a planetary system and a real cash economy that has often caught the attention of gamers with it’s rather large purchases for in-game environments. Recently, a newly discovered moon went up for auction.

Offering up this new moon for a real cash auction, the winner was offered the opportunity to enter a revenue share model with developer MindArk in the profits made from the moon, along with the ability to shape the moon in to practically whatever the owners wanted.

Investment group – Modified Akoz Power – stepped up to the offer and laid down $150,000 worth of real cash in a bid that would scare everyone else away from even trying to enter a bidding war. Stepping away unopposed, this group now owns the newly discovered moon.

To find out more about the purchase and what it entails, read the official announcement by MindArk. To find out more about Entropia Universe, don’t forget to visit the game page.

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