ESO Confirms Release Dates for Dragon Bones DLC

While we already covered what players will get with the Dragon Bones DLC and Update 17, what we didn’t have at the time was the Dragon Bones launch date. Well, now we do for both PC and console players.

dragon bones launch date

As is usually the case, PC players will get their shot at the new update first with a release date of Monday, February 12th. Xbox and PS4 players see the update a couple of weeks later on Tuesday, February 27th.

Pricing for the new DLC pack was not revealed, but prior pricing will likely put it in the 1500-2000 Crowns range, with ESO Plus members getting the DLC for free as part of their membership. Regardless of whether one buys in or not, everyone gets the quality-of-life features included in Update 17 such as outfit customization and advice on where to spend your skill points.

Our Thoughts

We pretty much expected this new DLC and subsequent update to be on the way pretty soon, but it’s good to know there’s a firm date for the next big piece of content all the same. Here’s hoping everyone enjoys all of the goodies they’re getting once it all arrives!

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