ESO: Murkmire’s Blackrose Prison is the Next PvE Survival Arena

The Elder Scrolls Online is throwing you in lockup. No, it’s not because you were stealing every possible piece of random crap from every single barrel, bag and crate you surveyed. It’s the Blackrose Prison, the next four-player arena survival instance coming with Murkmire.

blackrose prison

Blackrose Prison consists of five arenas with five waves of various enemies including swamp beasties, Imperial deserters, vampires and Blackguards. Each arena will also culminate in an “especially challenging” boss fight. On top of all that, players will also have environmental traps to contend with.

It’s not all death and destruction, though. The new instance will introduce four new Sigils that grant your party powerful buffs. These Sigils work much like the ones in Maelstrom Arena, though using these Sigils will have an effect on your team’s Veteran Leaderboard score.

Naturally, there’s more than a spot on a leaderboard waiting as a reward for clearing through the prison. Each boss in the instance will drop parts of the zone-specific sets players can earn in Murkmire, and those who complete the Blackrose Prison will get unique Blackrose weapons. There’s also Perfected versions of those weapons and a unique skin to earn for clearing the instance in Veteran mode.

Our Thoughts

The comparisons to other PvE arena-style instances is certainly standing out to us, but then again if they’re fun and rewarding, what’s the harm in seeing more of the same? Do you think this new instance will be fun, or is it getting a bit too repetitive for your tastes?

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