ESO Update 20 Brings New Home Building Tools

We suspect that the real end game of The Elder Scrolls Online is furnishing and arranging one’s house, whether it’s something you got off the Crown Store or that depressing little room you get for free. ESO Update 20 is an important one for those housing raiders, then, as a couple of new tools to help folks build better homes have been introduced.

eso update 20

When we say “a couple tools”, we literally mean two, but those two tools are pretty impactful. First is an Undo and Redo function that allows you to instantly revert or reapply anything you’ve done. A total of 200 previous steps backwards can be taken in a session, and it’ll even return a removed housing item to your inventory.

The second function is Item Linking, which lets you tie “child” items to a “parent” item. This lets you do things like arrange items on to a tabletop, link those items to the table, and then move the entire group around by moving the table. 50 child items can be linked to a single parent item, and those child items can even be linked to other items to create an entire sub-group.

Finally, a running History of all of the changes you’ve made to your house will be visible in a new UI, letting you keep track of what the heck happened to make that rug look so out of place, ugh.

Our Thoughts

Being a WildSar player, I can personally say that improved housing tools are a wonderful thing and so I’m certainly happy for the players of ESO to see these features arrive. We’re looking forward to seeing what sorts of cozy little nooks players will put together with these features.

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