eSports and Live Events. What Will We Pay?

Eventbrite is a global marketplace for live experiences allowing event organizers to plan, promote, and sell tickets to events as well as publish them across social networks. This is important as we witness the rise of eSports and the increasing interest in live venues for people to go and watch, Eventbrite undertook a study to delve a little deeper into what this means with gamers and the influence of live events.

The first thing we’ll mention from the report is the idea that 41% of gamers would pay up to €/$49 for an eSports event with 19% willing to go as high as €/$200. When money talks, people listen. So what else did they find for future event runners?


Their study found that nearly half of all respondents said that after attending an eSports event they would be more likely to purchase new game content and three quarters of attendees would play the game more frequently after watching it.

Community also plays into the feel around eSports events as people come together to celebrate their shared passion. In fact the shared passions are showing, according to Eventbrite, an increasing demand for large events and live gatherings.

The future?

The future?

You can access the full report through the Eventbrite blog if you want to get all of the numbers collected and draw your own conclusions. We here at MMOGames ask you though, are you among that number?

Are we on the edge of bringing esports tournaments into the world at large? Or is the world only now catching up to what Twitch has always known?

Source: Eventbrite Blog

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