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EVE: Aegis Successfully Deployed and Other News

Aegis has successfully launched, bringing new graphics, ships, and missile guidance to EVE Online.

Aegis Launch

EVE Online’s big summer event is now live. Aegis is a massive update that gives players a little bit of everything, from graphics updates to missile guidance.

From the dev blog:


  • The final stages of V3 renovations have concluded, updating all environmental assets to modern shaders and standards.
  • The Cerberus has been redesigned using the new Caracal hull as a base.
  • Turrets now always color-coordinate with the ship on which they are fitted.


  • Two new modules types are now available: Missile Guidance Computers and Missile Guidance Enhancers.
  • The bonuses from missile guidance modules and missile rigs to explosion radius and explosion velocity are now stacking penalized.



The Hecate has also been introduced. The Hecate is a tactical destroyer that can hold its own in intergalactic combat. Its complete stats can be found here.

User Interface

  • Added “Info by Issuer” column to My Contracts and Available Contracts tabs in the Contracts window.
  • When creating a route from an Extractor Control Unit in Planetary Interaction the width of the Amount input field has been increased to fit 6 digits.
  • Columns in the Products tab of the Planetary Interaction Extractor Control Units can now be re-sized.
  • All overview and bracket icons have now thicker line strokes.
  • Friendly NPCs now have a blue tintThis change will appear in a patch following the Aegis update a few days later.
  • The amount of drone icon groups have been simplified from 8 to 4.
  • The overview and bracket icon for the Mobile Depot has been changed.
  • The overview and bracket icon for Wrecks has been changed.

CCP Considering Starting new Subs with 1-2 Months of Trained Skills

EVE Online - Providence

According to a recent post on Reddit, CCP is considering giving new subs up to two months of trained skills for free. News of the potential starter rework came as a reaction to declining subscription numbers and veteran suggestions. Though a very small minority of hardcore players have cried out against giving newbies a couple months of trained skills, most of the EVE community has embraced the proposal. EVE Online is hard–so hard, it seems to be turning players away. Something needs to be done.


Sources: EVE Online; Reddit

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