EVE Online Anniversary Marked with In-Game Goodies

14 years ago, the universe of New Eden was opened and brought the MMO world a unique experience. That EVE Online anniversary is being celebrated over the next several days with a bundle of in-game goodies for players who log into the sci-fi sandbox.

eve online anniversary

CCP Falcon made the announcement on the date of the game’s 14th year this past Saturday, revealing that everyone who logs in between now and May 23rd will receive a YC119 Capsuleer Day SKIN, a Festival Launcher, and 200 rounds each of three different types of fireworks to fire off.

CCP Falcon also took a moment to offer players some heartfelt thanks for the dedication to EVE Online. “Your unswaying dedication and loyalty to the EVE Universe, and your continued support of the sprawling cosmos we’ve continued to build together over the last fourteen years inspires us more than ever to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can do together,” reads the post.

Our Thoughts

What a long, strange trip it’s been. EVE Online continues to be one of the most defining games of the MMO genre and an overall unique gaming experience as a whole. We join in on congratulating EVE Online for 14 years, and hope everyone in-game enjoys the goodies! Just be sure to remember to not bring the Festival Launcher into combat.

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