EVE Online: Ascension Detailed and Dated

The sci-fi sandbox of EVE Online is going to see a set of sweeping changes with the arrival of EVE Online: Ascension. The upcoming expansion is making changes to myriad systems and ship types as well as adding new abilities for Capsuleers.


Ascension is introducing two new types of clones with the Clone States system. Clones will now be classed as either Alpha or Omega, with the latter working like clones do for subscribed players and the former offered to free players with some notable limitations. Alpha Clones will have race-specific skills that they can train in and will have basic access to trading and industry. Alpha Clones will also have Tier I training access for frigates, destroyers and cruisers.

New players to EVE will now be treated to an improved new player experience, with a fully voice-acted pilot mentor guiding new Capsuleers through their first few hours in the game. The new starting tutorial will bring EVE’s fundamentals in to play and help new arrivals to the sandbox get acclimated.

Of course, there’s plenty for veteran players of EVE Online as well. A new player-built structure will be introduced in the form of the Engineering Complex, a facility that adds extra industrial capability to player Citadels.

Warfare Links will now be replaced with Command Bursts, which will slot in to compatible craft much the same way Warfare Links do currently. Command Bursts will offer fleet members buffs regardless of whether fleet members are destroyed or fly out of range so long as they are nearby when the Burst is initially activated.

EVE Online: Ascension will also add a Fitting Simulator that lets players preview and test ship loadouts even if they’re not trained in the right skills, a rebalance of the Rorqual capital ship, more active asteroid belts with NPC mining operations, a balance pass for tactical destroyers and more.

EVE Online: Ascension is set to release on November 8th. Complete details for every upcoming feature, including dev blogs and videos, can be found on the official site.

Our Thoughts

This update to EVE looks set to shake things up across the sandbox’s landscape. The features and adjustments being made to the game all sound absolutely intriguing on paper, and we can’t wait to see the sorts of stories that will emerge from the game as players adapt.

Your Thoughts

How do you feel about the Ascension update? Which changes are you most excited for? Are there some parts of the update you disagree with? Give us your thoughts below

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