EVE Online Dishes Out a Free Deadspace Filament to All Active Users

To celebrate the release of Into the Abyss – or, to watch those who have been away for a while get utterly blown to smithereens if you’re the conspiratorial sort – CCP Games is handing out one free Deadspace filament to any active account of EVE Online with some pretty open qualifications.

free deadspace filaments

When we mean “active”, that means anyone who has logged in to EVE Online since the release of Ascension in November 15th, 2016 regardless of Clone state. There are five different types of Filaments that will be dished out, with everyone who meets the requirements getting a random one from the list.

Players can find their free filament sitting in their redeeming system, but will need to claim the key to EVE’s literal World of Pain before July 8th, when the filament will expire. If this is your first time entering Abyssal Deadspace, you’d be well served checking out the linked informational blogs on the announcement’s page.

Our Thoughts

Hey, thanks CCP Games! We’re looking forward to exploring this mysterious and wondrous new rea–oh no…what is happening? AGH OW MY SHIP!

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